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2023 Regal LS4 - SOLD

Ref#: n1803 Boat is Sold

Volvo V8-350 EVC2 CAT DP
2024 Regal LS4 - BOAT ON-ORDER

Ref#: n1805 New Inventory Boat
On Request

Volvo V8-350 EVC2 CAT DP

About Regal Boats

Regal Boats is not as much a boat builder as it is a family who, for generations, has forged deeply loving connections with each other through boating. Our purpose is not to merely sell a boat, but to give you and your family experiences that enrich life and create lasting memories. Crate's Lake Country Boats is a family with a long history in boating and a long long history with Regal Boats. We sell the entire Regal linup from the Regal 1900 Bowrider all the way up to the Regal 53 Sport Coupe.