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2016 Regal 22 Fasdeck ESX

Ref#: b1743 Brokerage

Volvo V6 240 G5
2022 Regal LS2

Ref#: i1776 Sale Pending
Sale Pending

Volvo V6 280 G5 DP
New Listing
2021 Regal 23 OBX

Ref#: b1792 Brokerage

Yamaha F250XB
2017 Regal 2300 RX Surf

Ref#: b1772 Brokerage

Volvo V8 300 FWD
New Listing
2019 Regal 26 Fasdeck

Ref#: i1716 Trade-In

Volvo V8 350 EVC CAT G5
2021 Regal 26 Fasdeck

Ref#: i1745 Trade-In

Volvo V8 350 EVC CAT G5
2020 Regal LS6 Bowrider

Ref#: i1725 Boat is Sold

Volvo V8 350 EVC
2019 Regal 28 Express

Ref#: i1683 Sale Pending
Sale Pending

Volvo V8 350 Catalyst
2021 Regal 28 Express

Ref#: b1759 Sale Pending
Sale Pending

Volvo V8 350 EVC CAT
2003 Regal 2860 Commodore

Ref#: b1765-O Sale Pending
Sale Pending

T-Volvo 4.3 GXI DP
2006 Regal 3060

Ref#: b1764 Brokerage

T-Volvo 5.0L GXI
2020 Regal 33 Express Hardtop

Ref#: b949-O Brokerage

T-Volvo V8 300 EVC CAT G5
2019 Regal 38 Grande Coupe

Ref#: i1748 Boat is Sold

T-Volvo V8 380 EVC Joystick
2020 Regal 38 Grande Coupe

Ref#: b1756-O Brokerage

Volvo V8 380 G5 DP Joystick
2009 Regal 4460 Sport Yacht

Ref#: b1758-O Brokerage

T-Volvo IPS-600 Joystick

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2016  Regal  22 Fasdeck ESX


2021  Regal  23 OBX


2019  Regal  26 Fasdeck


2011  Chaparral  310 Signature





About Regal Boats

Regal Boats is not as much a boat builder as it is a family who, for generations, has forged deeply loving connections with each other through boating. Our purpose is not to merely sell a boat, but to give you and your family experiences that enrich life and create lasting memories. Crate's Lake Country Boats is a family with a long history in boating and a long long history with Regal Boats. We sell the entire Regal linup from the Regal 1900 Bowrider all the way up to the Regal 53 Sport Coupe.